Kingdom Impact Technology Team

An online community of tech-savvy volunteers who create innovative technology that impacts God’s Kingdom.

A ministry of Greater Europe Mission

Impact God’s Kingdom with your tech-savvy skills!

Power of KITT

eDOT’s mission is to develop innovative technology that equips people for life in Christ. There are a lot of projects on our drawing board, but we are a small team and we can only accomplish so much. That’s where you come in! With your technology expertise and talents, we can create more innovation and be more effective in advancing God’s Kingdom. How can you be part of this? Join KITT!

People of KITT

Who is KITT? You are! We are a community of technology gurus, and you can participate at whatever level and frequency you want. You don’t have to move to Europe, and you don’t have to change jobs, or houses, or phone numbers. You may be an IT director for a large corporation, or a college student studying Computer Science. Perhaps the last code you wrote was COBOL on an HP3000, or you have been writing iOS games for years. Maybe you love to research new technologies and play with new gadgets. Or, you are a gifted artist and you enjoy creating icons or logos. Or, perhaps you simply want to join a community of technical people who love Jesus and want to make Him known. Join KITT!

Pieces of KITT

As a community, we can use anyone who is interested in building great things, and we specifically would love to have:

  • Mobile app developers
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designers
  • Graphic artists
  • Testers and Researchers
  • Security and Encryption specialists
  • Ice cream taste testers

Join KITT!

eDOT, a ministry of Greater Europe Mission, is a team of technologists that develops innovative solutions that equip people in Europe for life in Christ.  Our solutions include mobile apps that are used for evangelism and discipleship, electronic training materials, and advice on safety and security in an online world, among others.  KITT is a community of volunteers to increase our capacity to impact the Kingdom through technology.